Eumedion participants urge Dutch listed companies to nominate more female executives


Eumedion participants have urged Dutch listed companies to take decisive action towards achieving a more gender balanced executive board and committee. They believe that gender diversity at the board and senior management level contributes to greater effectiveness in light of growing evidence that gender diverse groups make better decisions and produce better results in the long term. Also, diverse management teams set a tone at the top which contributes to companies' ability to attract and retain diverse talent at all levels of the company. To underline the participants' stance on gender diversity, Eumedion has sent a letter to all Dutch listed companies.

Eumedion 2020 focus points: executive remuneration and climate change impact


Executive remuneration and the impact of climate change are the two Eumedion focus points for the 2020 AGM season. These topics tend to be discussed in the dialogues Eumedion facilitates in the run-up to the 2020 general meetings, and occasionally als at the general meeting itself. Earlier this week, the so-called Eumedion Focus Letter 2020 was sent to all Dutch listed companies.

Eumedion calls for harmonised sustainability reporting


Sustainability reporting standards must be harmonised as soon as possible and made mandatory for European listed companies. Eumedion wants this project to become part of an updated action plan to further broaden and deepen the European Capital Market Union. This is one of the messages in Eumedion's response to the consultation of the 'Next CMU High-Level Group on the future of the European Capital Market Union. The response was submitted today.

2019 Dutch AGM season: large number of board proposals rejected by shareholders or withdrawn ahead of shareholders meeting


Shareholders of Dutch listed companies are increasingly voting against board proposals. In particular poorly substantiated proposals for exorbitant executive pay packages and proposals that would lead to a "carte blanche" for the board to issue new shares led to shareholder rebellion. This is one of the main findings in today’s released Eumedion analysis of the 2019 AGM season.