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Eumedion in favour of a more effective European insolvency framework

An unnecessary liquidation of a company will not benefit the stakeholders involved. In particular shareholders are not benefitted by that since they are the last in line for the remaining assets. Eumedion believes that a European insolvency framework should ensure that viable businesses can be restructured and can continue operating. Therefore Eumedion welcomes European legislation in the area  of pre-packs and of binding restructuring agreements.So says Eumedion in a today’s published comment on the European Commission's public consultation on this subject. 

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Eumedion publishes reply to European consultation on non-financial reporting guidelines

The European non-binding guidelines for reporting on non-financial information by companies should be principles-based and should avoid duplication of the reporting frameworks that are already in place. This is one of the key messages in Eumedion's reply to the European Commission's public consultation on possible European non-financial reporting guidelines.

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Eumedion fears that new Dutch corporate governance code erodes independent position of Supervisory Board

A number of proposals from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee undermines the principle of independent supervision by the Supervisory Board and should therefore be deleted. This is one of the core elements of Eumedion's comments on the Commitee's proposals for revision of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

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Bring them on!; Public support from investors mounts for bringing leases on-balance

A disclosure only solution for leases is comparable with ordering lasagne, and instead of getting lasagne, you are supposed to be happy with the individual ingredients being served… thanks, but no thanks. Martijn Bos, Eumedion's policy advisor audit & reporting, on the ongoing discussion on lease accounting. read more


European Corporate Governance Conference

On 25 May 2016, the 18th European Corporate Governance Conference will take place in Santpoort-Noord. The conference theme is: 'Corporate Social Responsibility in the Boardroom: Disruptive Thoughts, Entrepreneurial Action!' Eumedion Chairman Peter Borgdorff will be one of the speakers. For more information and registration: