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Garmt Louw appointed as Eumedion Board Chairman

The Eumedion General Board has appointed Garmt Louw as new Chairman of the General Board of Eumedion. Garmt Louw (1952) is Chairman of the Boards of the Stichting Shell Pension Fund and the Shell Nederland Pensioen Stichting. Garmt Louw succeeds Peter Borgdorff who was Eumedion Board Chairman until 31 December 2016. Peter Borgdorff (Managing Director PFZW – Pension Fund for the healthcare and welfare sector) has completed his maximum statutory Board appointment term of six year and had to step down as a consequence.

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Eumedion supports amendments to the German Corporate Governance Code

Eumedion generally welcomes the proposed amendments to the German Corporate Governance Code. Especially the recommendation regarding a direct dialogue between the chairman of the supervisory board and investors is welcomed since it can contribute to the effectiveness of the internal supervision.  This is one of the key messages in Eumedion's response to the public consultation on the proposed amendments to the German Corporate Governance Code.

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University of Groningen research: 'Eumedion small yet beautiful'

"Although Eumedion is a small organisation, it has been able to make a significant and positive contribution to all three stages of the norm development process in the Netherlands during the past ten years. It is taken into account as a serious partner in discussions during policy developments by important decision makers, management and supervisory board of companies and other relevant parties, both domestically as well as internationally. Moreover, Eumedion is seen as a serious knowledge centre and an active and respected organization representing shareholder interests". This is one of the conclusions of today's published research report of the University of Groningen on the functioning of Eumedion in the Dutch Corporate Governance and Sustainability Landscape between 2006 and 2016.

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Bring them on!; Public support from investors mounts for bringing leases on-balance

A disclosure only solution for leases is comparable with ordering lasagne, and instead of getting lasagne, you are supposed to be happy with the individual ingredients being served… thanks, but no thanks. Martijn Bos, Eumedion's policy advisor audit & reporting, on the ongoing discussion on lease accounting. read more


ICGN Midyear Conference in Washington DC

On 1-2 March 2017, the International Corporate Governance Network will organise its Mid Year Conference in Washington D.C. Eumedion Executive Director Rients Abma will participate in plenary session on shareholder engagement with controlled companies. Questions that will be discussed are: How do governance issues differ between broadly-held companies and those with identified control? What roles are appropriate for the controlling shareholder, the Board and management when in shareholder dialogue?  Do controlling shareholders have special obligations to minority shareholders and in particular, how transparent should they be about their relationship with the company, their objectives of ownership and long-term plans for the company? For more information and registration: