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Eumedion calls for establishment of an International Non-Financial Reporting Standards Board

Eumedion calls on all stakeholders to comment on its Green paper ‘Towards a global standard setter for non-financial reporting’. The today's published Green paper contains the preliminary views of Eumedion on this matter; most notably that there is a need for a global standard setter for non-financial reporting, and that the IFRS Foundation is the most suitable organisation to establish such standard setter.

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Eumedion participants urge Dutch listed companies to nominate more female executives

Eumedion participants have urged Dutch listed companies to take decisive action towards achieving a more gender balanced executive board and committee. They believe that gender diversity at the board and senior management level contributes to greater effectiveness in light of growing evidence that gender diverse groups make better decisions and produce better results in the long term. Also, diverse management teams set a tone at the top which contributes to companies' ability to attract and retain diverse talent at all levels of the company. To underline the participants' stance on gender diversity, Eumedion has sent a letter to all Dutch listed companies.

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Eumedion 2020 focus points: executive remuneration and climate change impact

Executive remuneration and the impact of climate change are the two Eumedion focus points for the 2020 AGM season. These topics tend to be discussed in the dialogues Eumedion facilitates in the run-up to the 2020 general meetings, and occasionally als at the general meeting itself. Earlier this week, the so-called Eumedion Focus Letter 2020 was sent to all Dutch listed companies.

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Bring them on!; Public support from investors mounts for bringing leases on-balance

A disclosure only solution for leases is comparable with ordering lasagne, and instead of getting lasagne, you are supposed to be happy with the individual ingredients being served… thanks, but no thanks. Martijn Bos, Eumedion's policy advisor audit & reporting, on the ongoing discussion on lease accounting. read more


European Executive Remuneration Conference 2019 

Vlerick Business School will hold its annual executive remuneration conference in Brussels on 25 November 2019. During the conference the Vlerick Business School will present the latest results from its annual survey on CEO remuneration at European listed companies. Eumedion executive director Rients Abma will participate in a panel discussion. Click here for more information and registration. Interested parties receive a 25% discount on the admission price if they state “via Eumedion” in the comment box.